Canadian IGF Talks: Does the Government of Canada Still Support the Open Internet?  

The internet is more central to Canadians’ lives than ever before – and the Government of Canada knows it. Recently, the Liberal Government has taken an unprecedented amount of action on internet matters, including:  

  • Introducing and debating Bill C-10, An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act, which would add new requirements for online platforms to support the production and dissemination of CanCon;  
  • Pending legislation to address “online harms;” and 
  • Announcing the intent to establish a link-licensing and payment-transfer scheme to rescue Canadian news.  

This three-pronged package of regulation has sparked a national conversation about net neutrality, the limits of online expression, and the future of journalism and CanCon in a world of web giants. In the kick-off session for the 2021 Canadian IGF Talks speaker series, Janet Yale, Dr. Michael Geist, Daniel Bernhard, and Laura Tribe will weigh the merits, omissions, and dangers of this surge in internet policy taken on by the government in a conversation moderated by Byron Holland.  


Daniel Bernhard, FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

Michael Geist, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law

Laura Tribe, OpenMedia

Janet Yale, Arthritis Society

Byron Holland, CIRA